A determination was made

Before my present job, I had been a computer programmer and technician. I had been passionate about computer science since I was a child, and when I got married in 2000, I decided to open my own computer shop. Over the next twelve years, my company had grown a lot: I had opened two more shops and had fifteen employees, until a terrible day when we discovered that my wife had cancer.

My daughter was only 2 months old, and my wife was struggling with that damned disease, so I decided to sell my company to be close to them.
After more than ten years, my wife has fortunately gotten over it, and now she is feeling better. I have found a new job which fortunately I can do from home so I can spend a lot of time with my family and help my wife if she needs anything.

To be honest, when I was working in my own company, I had a lot of money, but I didn’t have time for my family and myself. Now I make less money, but I’m much happier! It has been an important life lesson!


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