It was healed
The problem you suffered from

The pain you went through,
The day you cried in the bathroom,
When you had no friends to hang out with,
Nobody to listen,
The day you heard your best friend death,
The moment when your heart was broken,
When you lost your passion,
When you pleased to meet death…

It was never gone…
It was healed!

You were healed by an almighty God, who has the ability to repair hearts, not with a medical instrument, it is a tool called “love”.
A magic wound that can fix any broken heart, can heal a deceased body and can go into a new depth.

The word that has been described that it is patient, does not envy and does not boast.

Only Jesus Christ, the eternal source of love, an fulfill your empty cup in your heart.

The problems have never disappeared, neither solved, we still face difficulties everyday, but now with a new perspective, with new eyes that see Jesus in every person, new heart that choose love in every action and job.

It was never gone, it was the beginning of a new era, the era of “love”.

Marise Akoury

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